Nick Kyrgios is crass and disgusting, but not the most hated.

Nick Kyrgios is crass, and disgusting, but not the most hated – despite making the most-hated list. He is also a waste of talent, but not as hated as his detractors would want him to be.

Why is Nick Kyrgios not the most hated?

Nick’s redemption lies in his uncompromising candour and unapologetic outspokenness, without which he’d head the most hated list. Kyrgios, however, doesn’t recognize the fine line dividing candour and crass. He is a man child who lacks basic etiquette and, perhaps, should not be allowed to roam untethered in civil society.

Kyrgios is also a buffoon with a tennis racket, and loads of talent to entertain with it. Nick is disliked by many but also considered good, for tennis by Sir Andy Murray and His Majesty Federer. Kyrgios is much, and some more, but certainly not fit enough to make the most hated sports person.

Kyrgios has talent
Kyrgios GOT Talent

Tantrums and throwing away matches do not qualify to make the most-hated list.

Most despicable incidents which involve tantrums and throwing away matches hurt Nick as much as they disappoint his fans. Such incidents are nothing more than the tantrums and tirades of the great John McEnroe. Johnny Mac was guilty of much more and far worse, and many found his outbursts and tantrums entertaining. Serena too has said and done some terrible things on the court, but she has not made the most hated list. So, why apply a different scale for Nick Kyrgios?

The incident that makes Nick Kyrgios crass and disgusting.

Trash talking to Wawrinka about his girlfriend, however, crossed all limits of crassness. But Nick cannot be categorized as one of the most-hated sport persons for that incident alone. The most crass, deplorable, and disgusting, perhaps – but not the most hated.

That particular incident also showcased Kyrgios’ lack of class and upbringing. And, as we all know, no amount of money and fame can buy class. So cut him some slack, will ya.

He is not the most hated. And, we came to defend, not bury Nick.

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